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pyogenic granuloma
Dr. J Lee
李醫生, 旺角

"我自從應用了Cryopen 之後,對於決定冷凍病灶要多久變得更有把握。 因當病人感覺由冰凍轉為痛,我知道整個病灶包括底層已被徹底消滅。說實話,即使用上Laser也要靠估,CryoPen在這方面更優勝。再者,冷凍治療沒有特別術前準備,術後又不會有傷口需要護理,病人接受程度較Laser還要高。

ingrowth toenail
Dr. T Kwok
郭醫生, 中環

“購買了CryoPen 後,很多我以前『視而不見』的問題,現在都有信心去處理了,不論對公司、自己以及病人都是一個三贏局面。謝謝!”

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疣pyogenic granuloma



An usual CryoPen session

The most important issue is, making sure you really want the procedure done and Cryopen is the suitable solution for that disorder. Your doctor is the best one to give you the professional advice and counselling.

Different leisons require different levels of expertise. Small, superficial pigmented leison over obscured area can be well tackled by trained beautician. On the contrary, large, deep seated lesion located at exposed area will warrant special attention from an experienced doctor.

The whole procedure lasts around 1 minute, composing of a freeze-thaw-freeze cycles. During the treatment, you will experience a change of sensation from feeling cold to mild pain (better described as discomfort). When you feel the change, let your doctor knows, he will add on 5 to 10 seconds to make sure all the altered cells are handled.

But if the pain is intense, do let your doctor know immediately.

The usual procedure

Caution:This is a general description, each case varies

1. Expose the lesion
2. Lie down with that area of skin being horizontal and facing upward
3. Clean that area with alcohol
4. Wait till the alcohol air dried
5. Apply the CryoPen (not close to skin yet)
6. Bringing the CryoPen closer to skin, ice ball will form (contacting skin is nt always necessary)
7. Hold till target depth and area met
8. Maintain for ~5 to 10 more sec
9. Bring away the CryoPen and allow thawing
10. Consider repeat the cycle as freeze-thaw-freeze


應用冷凍筆 CryoPen 的一般程序